Are you an Interested Producer?

Are you an Interested Producer?

If a another farmer is interested in adopting our protocols to assist us in fulfilling contract demands and we market their animals we do screening and auditing of each producer and their herd management protocols to ensure that the product you receive meets the same safe and high quality product standards that you have came to expect from us. Each farm that we deem eligible we consider “grass fed and finished beef certified transparent” and are following the same grass fed beef program guidelines that we follow here at A&M Farms Home location. All cattle in either our home farm program or in our back-grounding program are randomly sampled to ensure consistency in quality and are always evaluated by our USDA inspectors, in addition all required protocol requirements are followed to meet the standards set forth by the AGA and AWA.

Want to learn more about becoming a producer for us? We love partnerships and education if there is something that we can do to help you achieve the next level we will certainly try. We are seeking open and like minded producers that will help us on our quest of revolutionizing the cattle industry. Creating more healthy and wholesome food options for our customers, better quality of life for the creatures under our care or program, and demonstrating good stewardship of the lands that we are blessed with.

Don’t own cattle that’s okay we are interested in all like minded producers natural, holistic, non-GMO, organic (pork, lamb, poultry, fruits vegetables and fungus, dairy, etc.) so don’t hesitate to reach out to us, the more we work together the better we all become.

Does it sound like we have common goals? Great! We are excited to hear from you, complete the form below and we will be back with you soon to see what opportunities might exist.

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