Wholesale Beef

The choice is yours, How do we stand apart from the rest!!!

We have the capability to supply both small and large customers alike:
We were founded on the support of small local customers and value each and every relationship we have developed, we also have capacity to service larger metropolitan area restaurants and retail venues.

Established producer relationships: Our protocols allow neighboring like minded producers to complete certain steps to be eligible for us to market their animals. What this means to you is that we have developed a plan to expand and have the ability to grow and continue to meet contract demands. To be marketed under our program each farm is required to undergo audit this is a quality assurance measure and labeling regulatory requirement.

Our third party Certifications/Memberships: USDA Process Verified Grass Fed and Finished Beef Farm, American Grass Fed Association, North Carolina Hereford Association, Local Co-Op Stakeholder .

Above and Beyond:
We strive to establish a personal relationship with every customer big or small, local food is a the heart of what we do, we hold true to our products quality, we pride ourselves in transparency, we honor the land and creatures under our care and we are consistent and dependable suppliers.

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